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Chiropractic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

Huntington Chiropractor Helps Carpal Tunnel

December 2, 2018

Huntington Chiropractor Helps Carpal Tunnel Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a medical condition that affects many people in Huntington and around the world. It is often a work-related injury affecting adults that perform repetitive tasks with their hands. This includes people that work on computers for long periods of time and assembly line workers in various…

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Fitness Tips from a Chiropractor

Fitness Tips from a Chiropractor in Huntington

November 16, 2018

Fitness Tips from a Chiropractor in Huntington A chiropractor in Huntington is no stranger to seeing patients that have injured themselves working out or playing sports. Pulled muscles, strains, sprains, ligament tears, and misaligned discs are all part of the practice. Virtually every type of fitness injury can be successfully assessed and treated with chiropractic…

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Chiropractors treat 3 common conditions

Huntington Chiropractor Explains the Value of Health

November 2, 2018

Huntington Chiropractor Explains the Value of Health The value of health is something that can never be overstated, no matter how long you talk about it. It’s easy to place other aspects of life ahead of health on the priority list, but once your health falters none of those other things matter. If you aren’t…

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carpal tunnel

Reduce Your Arthritis Pain in Huntington

October 24, 2018

Reduce Your Arthritis Pain in Huntington It’s inevitable that as we age, we are going to lose range of motion and flexibility, collagen in the joints will break down, leading to the development of arthritis. This is because we become more sedentary as we age and we’ve also had a longer history of postural stress…

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Chiropractors talk about the Sitting Epidemic

Headache Tips from a Huntington Chiropractic Office

October 16, 2018

Headache Tips from a Huntington Chiropractic Office Just about everyone in Huntington suffers from headaches once in awhile. Most of them don’t require any kind of medical attention and gradually subside with time. It is when a headache starts to interfere with your daily activities or takes them over completely that you need to seek…

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Chiropractors can help

Choosing a Chiropractor in Huntington

October 2, 2018

Choosing a Chiropractor in Huntington One of the most common questions I get asked as a doctor is how do I find a great chiropractor in Huntington?  In some cities there are dozens to choose from and it can be difficult to know if the doctor you are considering is right for you.  This article…

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Chiropractors help children

Huntington Chiropractor Discusses Proper Child Backpacks

September 16, 2018

Huntington Chiropractor Discusses Proper Child Backpacks Although children are smaller than adults, and their bodies are still growing and developing, parents tend to weigh them down with backpacks that are far too heavy and unbalanced. Lower back pain is the most common health issue suffered by Americans and in many cases, it all starts in…

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Chiropractic Treatment for a Colicky Baby

Colic May be Helped by Huntington Chiropractors

September 2, 2018

Colic May be Helped by Huntington Chiropractors Any parent that has had a colicky baby knows just how horribly frustrating and upsetting it can be. Not only do you have to see your child in discomfort or distress, but also it takes a toll on parents who aren’t able to sleep properly for weeks on…

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Herniated or Bulging Discs

Huntington Chiropractor Discusses Herniated Discs

August 16, 2018

Huntington Chiropractor Discusses Herniated Discs One of the back conditions that patients routinely visit a Huntington chiropractor for is a herniated disc. This type of injury generally responds well to chiropractic treatment so it’s wise to schedule an appointment in the early stages. Herniated disc treatment can help patients avoid prescription pain medications and any…

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TMJ Chiropractic Treatment

Huntington Chiropractor May Help TMJ

August 2, 2018

Huntington Chiropractor May Help TMJ Among the areas of the body that Huntington chiropractors are able to help, many people are surprised to learn that the jaw is on the list. It’s easy to associate back pain and neck pain with chiropractic treatment, but people who suffer from TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder in Huntington…

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"I only have good things to say about Balance Chiropractic! I was originally so terrified of chiropractic care but I felt very safe and comfortable here and am so glad I became a patient. I truly believe it helped me conceive my daughter and stay comfortable and healthy throughout my pregnance and after. I love how relaxing and peaceful the office and treatment rooms are. Dr. Deb and Dr. Paul are wonderful! They are so caring and supportive! We moved about an hour away and I still try and go when I can because it's worth the drive!"

Mary L.

"Last 2 weeks of December 2017 I was introduced to Balance Chiropractic. I was in a lot of pain in my neck both sides. As I met Dr. Paul he sat down with me and explained to me the different therapy that I may need for my pain. As the weeks went on the pain started to decrease from my neck."

Robert M.

"I have been going to Balance for a little over a month now and I've seen a major improvement in my posture as well as a decrease in my shoulder pain. Dr. Paul is extremely thorough and made sure I completely understood the treatment plan he wanted to implement."

James H.

"I have had vertigo for over 6 1/2 weeks. I saw ENTs, GPS and tried to get an appointment with several neurologists. One day last week I saw a sign that said Balance Chiropractic and Wellness Center. I walked in very dizzy and sick to my stomach. I was able to get an immediate appointment with Dr. Beberman...MY MIRACLE!!!"

Shelia B.

"Let me start out by saying that about a year ago I had been seeing a different chiropractor for months without any pain relief. Dr. Deb Genin is fantastic. She created a treatment plan and reviewed my insurance to map out my coverage. For once, I am optimistic about the prospect of improving my posture, spine health and overall quality of life."

Amanda S.

"After several months of care at Balance Chiropractic the improvement has been so helpful. Being a pregnant patient, Dr. Paul and Dr. Deb have been thorough yet cautious with my care, always asking and adjusting their method if need be. Their approach has been holistic and I have been so grateful for the personal help and attention during my pregnancy."

Alexis N.

"Life changing! I was getting headaches every single day. My headaches are extremely infrequent now and under much better control. I struggled with back and neck pain for years and it is finally feeling so much better now. It's an amazing thing to finally feel better! Everyone at Balance Chiropractic is wonderful!!"

Jennifer G.

"I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Balance Chiropractic and Wellness has truly changed my life. I have gone from having 20-30 (yes really) migraines a month since the age of 12 to maybe 1-2 depending on weather activity. Since going to Balance Chiropractic I have become a new person."

Ileana T.