Reduce Your Arthritis Pain in Huntington

Reduce Your Arthritis Pain in Huntington


It's inevitable that as we age, we are going to lose range of motion and flexibility, collagen in the joints will break down, leading to the development of arthritis. This is because we become more sedentary as we age and we've also had a longer history of postural stress on the joints, more injuries and more trauma over time. We also exercise less, sit more and gain weight over time. Usually, when arthritis is in one area then it occurs in other areas too. If you have nagging, chronic pain in your joints (especially the hands, knees, neck and lower back) that's not due to muscle tightness alone, chances are you have some sort of osteoarthritis arthritis (OA) developing. Osteoarthritis is when there is an overgrowth of bone and a slow and gradual breakdown of the cartilage in the joints. The sad reality is that millions of Americans suffer from OA every single day.

Obesity is the number one risk factor for arthritis in Huntington. If you are 20 pounds over the high end of your weight range then you are considered obese. The adipokines (substances released from fat cells) actually cause damage to the cartilage tissues. OA is not simply due to overloading on the joints from being too heavy, contrary to what we believe. There is an actual metabolic process which occurs in the body that contributes to the breakdown of these joints, causing our aches and pains.

There's been numerous studies that have confirmed that the avoidance of inflammatory foods has yielded a significant reduction in arthritic symptoms after several weeks. Could it really be that simple? Just change the diet? I'm telling you that yes, it is sometimes THAT SIMPLE. But…. Unhealthy food is so tasty and readily available, cheap and fast and who wants to restrict their diet and eat "healthy" all the time anyway? What fun is that? And eating healthy can of course be more expensive and involve a lot of prep work and we all have busy lifestyles and who has the time?

Listen, I get it. I really do. BUT- the more garbage you put in, the worse you are going to feel. Your joints will continually break down, you will have a higher risk of developing insulin resistance-leading to diabetes, you will throw off your hormones and you will likely develop other diseases that can all be controlled by your diet.

I'm so passionate about helping everyone feel as good as possible and I love what I do as a Chiropractor in Huntington but I can only do so much on my end. It needs to be a two-way street if we are going to get you the best results. Adjusting the spine and stretching the muscles won't take off the excess load on the joints. So what can you do?

Things You Can Do To Overcome Arthritis Pain in Huntington

1. GIVE UP THE SUGAR (except fruit)

  • I know, it's the last thing you want to hear. But sugar is 100% inflammatory and highly addicting. Your brain has receptors to sugar that are identical to that of heroin and cocaine. Once you give it up, you will go through a detox that may last anywhere from a few days to a week. Once it is out of your system you will no longer crave it. Sugar is linked to almost every auto-immune, inflammatory and metabolic disease there is. So kick the habit now if you want to feel better. You'll also drop weight when you give it up. It's a win-win. Watch out for hidden sugars in sauces, dressings and alcohol; and don't forget that high complex carbohydrates like breads and pasta turn right into sugar. So avoid it at all costs. There is no nutritional benefit and you can get your fiber from sources other than grains.


  • This is the reason why regular Chiropractic adjustments at Balance Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Huntington helps to slow down the arthritis process. It creates movement within the smaller joints of the body (spinal segments). Weight-bearing exercise helps to lubricate the joints. A nice brisk walk or some low impact exercise with weights will also help. I don't recommend pounding for hours on the street or even on a treadmill. In fact, excess cardio CAUSES inflammation in the body and can harm the joints.


  • And I'm not just talking about taking a couple of supplements along with a poor to mediocre diet. That's not going to work. Supplements are very helpful but they are called supplements because they are meant to "supplement" an already healthy diet. They are not a substitute to a healthy diet. Anti-inflammatory foods consist of lean meats, leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables, in-season fruits (are usually best) except for the higher sugar fruits like bananas and grapes. Avoid gluten if you can and dairy if you can. Harvard took dairy off the food pyramid and there have been many studies linking dairy to inflammation and auto-immune disease flare ups.

I can assure you that if you do these 3 things, at the least- you will begin to feel better. But this is a lifestyle change. It's not a fad diet and it's not a quick fix. It takes time for the body to adapt to dietary changes. And yes, it's not easy to make that shift and yes there is usually an investment of some sort. So the question is- is your health worth the investment? Do you want to wake up every morning feeling well rested and less stiff? Do you want to watch your waistline shrink and feel energized and happier?

It can be done. You are 100% worth it. Call our top Huntington chiropractor Deborah Genin of Balance Chiropractic and Wellness Center at (631) 470-9670 today to schedule an appointment.


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