How Our Huntington Patients Are Losing 20-35 Pounds In Just 6 Weeks Without Exercise

weight loss in huntington ny

Everywhere you look these days there's some sort of fad diet out there. First it was Atkins, now it's Keto. Then there's the Paleo diet, cleanses/detoxes, magic pills and countless books that all claim that their way is the best way. The truth is, weight loss is extremely difficult to achieve without the proper guidance and support from a professional who understands how the body works! It's a fact that people's body weight ends up staying within a certain range after an extended period. This is called the body's set-point and works much like a thermostat works. Our set points are based on several different factors such as; hormones, genetics (not as much as we think though!), hunger and changes in behavior. Whatever your setpoint is, your body tries to maintain its basic functions at this level. It's the very reason why people have more trouble losing weight than gaining weight. Cortisol is also a huge factor in this setpoint. Stress leads to excess cortisol which causes excess body fat, especially around the abdominal area. It's no wonder why belly fat is the hardest to get rid of. We live in a constant state of STRESS!

The great news is that our team at Balance Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Huntington CAN establish a NEW metabolic setpoint and finally start losing weight. Lowering the setpoint takes consistency and dedication but it 100% works. It requires getting the body fat down and maintaining it at that lower level for a certain amount of time. We help our patients achieve this. We have a proven system that combines calorie restriction (which we know is absolutely necessary to achieve both short AND long term fat loss), with the right amount of macronutrients (proteins, fruits and vegetables), and a natural stimulant-free supplement that works with the body's own hormones in order to curb hunger, reduce stress and increase metabolic function. In addition, ingesting these low glycemic, anti-inflammatory foods reduces systemic inflammation, lowers cortisol release and enhances cellular healing. Not only are these clients losing weight, feeling energized and not hungry, their aches and pains are dwindling away!

Losing Weight Without Exercise in Huntington NY

Of course, exercise such as resistance training is important to lower body fat BUT we see many patients who are either unable to exercise due to pain OR lack the energy or motivation to exercise which is why our program is a great fit for their needs. Once the bulk of the weight comes off, they are instructed on the BEST types of exercises they can start to incorporate (they can even do them in their own homes) that will help increase growth hormone, increase metabolic function, lower cortisol levels and build lean muscle (which we know burns more calories at rest).

So if you are reading this and thinking there is nothing you can do to change your body composition, I want you to think again. Our system works. You CAN change and you CAN do it without starvation, and you CAN do it without endless hours on a treadmill or with a personal trainer. You just need the right guidance and support. We are here for you! Call our team at Balance Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Huntington at (631) 470-9670 for a FREE consultation to learn more.


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