2017 Top Shopping Centers In Huntington NY

Huntington NY Shopping

There is just so much shopping in the area, you can get almost anything. First, there’s the Walt Whitman Mall which is south of the Huntington Village on Route 110/New York Avenue which is one of the Simon Malls. It’s not the largest mall however its recently been renovated and has some amazing stores like Pottery Barn, West Elm, Saks, Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, JCrew, Banana Republic, Lululemon, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Coach, etc. It’s very easy to navigate and the parking is pretty good.


There are a bunch of restaurants attached too like the Cheesecake Factory, PF Changs, Zinburger, California Pizza Kitchen and Panera Bread. They are always busy! If you are looking for more boutique stores with unique items, then I highly recommend heading North on New York Avenue and walking around the Huntington Village to shop. You won’t be disappointed in the selection of stores. There is everything from women’s clothing to pet stores.

Fox’s is a favorite

With a great selection of women’s clothes and accessories with the latest styles and trends. It’s two stories so you can spend quite a bit of time here. For incredible gifts and unique items the Sedoni Gallery on New York Avenue is a must see. I always go in here when I am buying a gift for someone because they have everything. They do a great job wrapping for you as well and the customer service is excellent. I seriously can spend hours in here just roaming around. If you take a walk down Main Street, you’ll find a cute little shop called Sensational which is a great gift shop that carries essential oils, jewelry and skin care products.

If you’re looking for designer clothing

You’ll want to head west on Main Street to Mitchells. Gorgeous store but the price tag is not cheap. There are sereral other clothing stores with a less hefty price tag like Ooh La La and Francine’s Fashion Boutique which have some cute items. In addition to clothes, there are a ton of jewelry shops in town like Libuttis Diamond Jewelers and Zacharys Fine Jewelry which carry lovely items.

If you are looking for Toy shops

Then you’ll want to stop in Cow over the moon, Little Switzerland Dolls and Value Drugs has a large selection of toys (and everything else for that matter). Since I’m a mom of boys, I can’t say that I’ve ever been in the doll shop but Cow over the moon is a fantastic toy store with great customer service as well. They always help me find the perfect gift for my budget and wrap for you as well and they have a rewards program too.

The Book Revue

If shopping for toys or clothes or jewelry doesn’t excite you and you would prefer to sit down with a nice book, the Book Revue is a well-known spot with a great collection of new, used and discounted books for sale. They hold special events all year long and book signings too so if someone famous comes to town, expect a long line to get in just before the event. They have a great café there as well. The shopping list goes on but hopefully that gives you an idea of some of the places that the town has to offer. You can’t go wrong visiting here!