How I Lost 10 Pounds in 10 days in Huntington….And Kept It Off!

How I Lost 10 Pounds in 10 days in Huntington….
And Kept It Off!


Losing weight in Huntington can be a frustrating battle for so many of us. It became one for me as well. I used to be lucky though. I was always able to eat whatever I wanted and my body never changes sizes. Once I had kids, everything changed. I found myself more exhausted (well….kids have that effect) which led me to crave more coffee and sugar to make it through the day. I felt exhausted all the time and mentally drained. As many of you know, my job is physically demanding so I needed energy and I felt I was fading fast.

Back in December of 2015 I signed up for Purium because of the rave reviews and the ingredients looked like exactly what I needed.  At Balance Chiropractic and Wellness Center, I decided I was going to jumpstart my body with an organic, non-GMO, superfoods nutrition plan that started with a 10-day transformation and continued with a manageable 30-day maintenance plan. I know it takes at least 30 days to make change and break bad habits. I was all in. I started January 11, 2016.

I hadn’t exercised in years and since I wasn’t allowed to exercise on the 10 day program it was the perfect way for me to ease myself back in and boost my metabolism and get back on track. I weighed myself on the morning of day 1 and I didn’t look back. I’ll admit, the first 3 days were rough. I was tired, moody, hungry and had the worst headache (caffeine withdrawal) but I always had the end goal in mind and pushed through it. I went to bed early those nights and by day 4, things were looking up. I was looking forward to each and every day and my energy was rising. I could do this.

Here's an example of what my days looked like:

  • 8am: 5 Super aminos (vegan protein that builds lean muscle and burns fat at rest), 1 Super Lytes (for hydration), 16oz of water and a flex food (1 cup of organic berries)
  • 10am: 1 Green shake (for cellular energy-tasted delicious!) and 1 cleanse capsule (no it’s NOT a colon cleanse, for eliminating toxins and parasites---NOW they have apple caramel fiber instead of capsules as an option…which I really like) and more water
  • 12pm: 5 Super aminos, 1 Super Lytes, 16oz of water and flex food (1 small avocado with cucumber slices and himalayan sea salt and cayenne pepper)
  • 2pm: 1 Green shake
  • 4pm: 5 Super aminos, 1 Super Lytes, 16oz of water and a flex food (1 cup of sautéed spinach in coconut oil with garlic and onions)
  • 6pm: Last green shake and 1 more cleanse capsule and more water
  • 8pm: Tart cherry juice with water
  • 9pm: Bed

I followed this type of schedule in Huntington and never missed any shakes, flex foods or pills for 10 straight days. I also snacked on cucumber and celery all day long in between to help with my intense need to chew. I varied up the flex foods and rotated between zucchini noodles, spaghetti squash, spinach, broccoli, avocado, berries, apples and used coconut oil and any seasonings I wanted. There was a ton of information in the booklet and in private Facebook groups I was in when I needed support, had questions and needed flex food ideas and meal ideas for days 11 and beyond.

On day 11 I got on the scale again. I knew I lost weight and inches because I saw my stomach flatten more and more every day. The scale hadn’t budged for me in months but I knew it was going to make me smile. Well….I lost 10 pounds! I had to get on the scale 3 times just to check that my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. Besides the weight though, my energy level was higher than it had ever been. My digestion was great, skin was glowing and I was just happy and my mind was clear. I couldn’t wait for the next month ahead. I continued to feel great and lose and took off another 6-7 pounds and hit my goal weight.

Fast forward to today and I’m still at the same weight and my energy is still great (except for when my kids keep me up at night or when I eat things I probably shouldn’t). I’m now working out regularly and I continue to take Purium products every day to support my health and nutrition. I take a variety of things like the Power Shake, Super Aminos, Apothe Cherry, Chocolate MVP Sport, Can’t Beet This, Super Xanthin, the new sprays…Chill (for stress), Charge (for energy boost), Control (for appetite suppressing) and Ease (for pain and tension) and a few others products. Everything I take is Gluten free and Vegan (except for Xanthin) and again it’s all certified organic, non-GMO and there are no fillers, artificial ingredients or chemicals.

If you’re feeling tired, brain foggy, bloated and need a jumpstart into better health or want to lose a few pounds before an event or break some cravings, I would recommend this program 100%. There’s also a 60-day money back guarantee.

Want $50 off?

Here’s how to order: Just go to and type in my code debbiebeberman.  This will take $50 off the price. Hurry, because I don’t know how many more codes I have available and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Also make sure you add yourself as a wholesale member.  This will give you half off shipping and the best prices.  Add the 10-day transformation to your cart or the Platinum pack (this is what I ordered…it’s a 10-day plus a 30 day maintenance in one shipment).  Then a pop up screen will come up where you can click "customize" and here you can choose the shake flavors. I always chose Apple Berry (it’s sweeter than original and less “green” tasting). You will also have to choose the flavor of your fiber which they have now as an option instead of the cleanse capsules. I use Apple Caramel which is delicious and very satisfying. There will be a page asking you if you want to become a PLC member which used to be an automatic renewal but they are doing away with that soon. To get the cheapest prices, click “yes” for PLC and just set up a recurring order to get the good pricing.  If you don’t want it, simply cancel within 30 days with the click of a button.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email and I’m happy to help! I’ve coached a ton of people on this program and many have had great success!


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